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Processing Industry Related Links

Industry Organizations and Technical Resources

Chemical Engineering

This page provides links to information and sites that may be useful to chemical engineers.  These subjects are very complicated and any user who requires accurate values is advised to refer to proven quality reference documents. SWAN ENTERPRISES,  assumes no responsibility for, and makes no representations with respect to, the accuracy of any information presented here. Therefore, all materials and information are presented "as is" and PROCESS expressly disclaims any implied or express warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property relating to such material. In no event shall Process be liable for any damages whatsoever, including without limitation special, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, including without limitation, damages resulting from the use of, or reliance on, the information presented, or loss of profits or revenues.

Chemical Engineering Organizations

Technical Resources

  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Chemical Industry home page
  • Chemistry Calculators On-line
  • Chemical Engineering Calculators On-line
  • Chemical Marketing & Economics Group (CM&E) via ACS
  • Cheresources
  • Conversion of Units
  • Corrosion Resistance Tables
  • Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS)
  • Engineering Toolbox Materials Properties
  • Engineering Units Conversion Calculator
  • European Patent Office
  • Frank Potter's Science Gems – Engineering
  • Fundamental Physical Constants
  • Hazardous Chemical Database
  • Instrument Society of America (ISA)
  • Integral Calculator
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Math Tools Technical Computing Portal
  • MIT On-line Courses
  • MSDS – Searchable Material Safety Data Sheets at LSU
  • NASA Notices: Chemistry and Materials
  • National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • NSSN: Global Standards
  • Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers in Excel
  • Spill Technology Database
  • STN International ( The Scientific and Technical Information Network)
  • Unit Conversion Calculators
  • Unit Conversion Factors
  • Units Conversion
  • Unit Conversion via Engineering Page
  • US Patent Office
  • WWW Chemistry Resources


  • Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Critical Temperatures and Pressures of Some Gases via Flexware
  • Data collection of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Data and Property Calculations Websites via UIC
  • DIPPR Database
  • Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics by F.L. Lambert
  • Facility for the Analysis of Chemical Thermodynamics (Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal)
  • Gas Laws Primer by L. Taylor
  • Gas Research Institute chemical reaction Rate Coef. and Thermo Data
  • Henry's Law Constants (Solubilities) via R. Sander
  • Index of Selected Thermodynamic Data Handbooks
  • Korean Thermophysical properties DataBank
  • Properties of Crude Oils and Oil Products Database
  • Refrigerants Properties via ColdSystems
  • Solubility Parameters: Theory and Application via J. Burke
  • Solvents Database (NCMS)
  • Thermal Properties and Heat of Combustion of some materials
  • Thermodynamic and Heat Transfer Index via RoyMech
  • Thermodynamic Tutorial via The Univ. of Newcastle
  • Thermodynamic Tutorials via ThermoNet
  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics by F.L. Lambert

Separations Processes

    Solid-Liquid Separations
  • American Filtrations and Separations Society (AFS)
  • Centrifugal Separations via NZIFST
  • Crystallization via
  • Cyclone Design Equations and Formulas via AJ Design Freeware
  • Engineering Aspects in Solid-Liquid Separation via J. Halberthal
  • Filtration and Separation via R. Holdich
  • Industrial Crystallization Process via Mettler-Toledo
  • Liquid-Liquid Separations
  • Design of Liquid-Liquid Extraction Processes via
  • Extraction and Washing via the NZIFST
  • Liquid-Liquid Coalescer Design Manual
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Liquid-Vapor Separations
  • Multicomponent Equilibrium Flash Calculations
  • Sizing Of Liquid-Vapor Separators
  • On-line Tools for Designing Vapor-Liquid-Water Separators via Bobby Strain Group
  • Distillation
  • APV Handbook on Distillation
  • Distillation / Fractionation
  • Distillation, Vapor Pressure, Vapor-Liquid Equilibria via Dr. S. Ohe
  • Fractionation Research, Inc.
  • Optimizing Distillation Columns by D.L. Bennett
  • Trouble Shooting Distillation Columns via
  • Absorption and Adsorption
  • Activated Carbon Adsorption via Linntech
  • Design of Packed Bed Absorption and Stripping Towers via
  • International Adsorption Society (IAS)
  • Packed-Tower Sizing
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption via Esselink BV
  • Drying and Evaporation
  • APV Handbook on Drying
  • APV Handbook on Evaporation
  • Drying via NZIFST
  • Evaporation via NZIFST

Heat Transfer

  • Air Cooled Fin Fan Exchanger Basics via Hudson
  • Air-cooled Heat Exchanger Design
  • Controlling Fired Heaters via Driedger
  • Controlling Shell & Tube Exchangers via Driedger
  •  Controlling Steam Heaters via Driedger
  • Effectively Design Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Glossary of Heat Exchanger Terms via ITT Standard
  • Heat Exchanger Calculations via Engineering Page
  • Heat Exchanger Design by D.R. Lewin
  • Heat Transfer Theory via NZIFST
  • HTRI (Heat Transfer Research, Inc.)
  • Introduction to Fired Heater Design via
  •  Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger: Corrected LMTD
  • Steam Heating and Steam Traps by ITT Industries
  • Table of Thermal Conductivities
  • TEMA (Tubular Heat Exchangers Manufacturers Association)
  • Thermal Unit Conversions via K&K Associates
  •  Troubleshooting and Operation of Steam Ejector Water Chillers by G. Levy
  • Tube Sheet Layout Tool from Red-Bag

Motive Operations / Vapor & Liquid Handling

  • Designing Steam Jet Vacuum Systems via
  • Fan/Blower Engineering Information via Twin City Fan & Blower
  • Flow Through Packed Bed
  • Fluid Mechanics Equations and Formulas Calculator via AJ Design Freeware
  • Gas Compressor performance
  • Gas flow in Horizontal Pipeline
  • Gas flow in Inclined Pipeline
  • (Pump Info)
  • Liquid Pipe Flow: Pipe Diameter calculation
  • Liquid Pipe Flow: Flow Rate calculation
  • Liquid Pipe Flow: Pressure Drop calculation
  • Liquid Pipe Flow: Pipe Length calculation
  • List of Technical Papers by the Gas Machinery Research Council
  • Orifice Sizing for Fluid Flow
  • Partial Volumes Of Horizontal Tanks
  • Pump Calculations via Engineering Page
  • Pumps via the EngineeringToolbox
  • Pump Selection Guide via Goulds
  • Reynolds Number and Friction Factors
  • Ventillation Systems via the Engineering Toolbox
  • Vacuum Pump Principals of Operation via Industrial
  • Vapor-Liquid 2-Phase Vertical downflow

Solids Processing

  • Glossary of terms on storage and flow of particulate solids
  • Mechanical Separations via NZIFST
  • Preventing Solids Flow Problems by J.R. Johanson

Reaction Processes

  • Another Library of Organic Chemical Reactions
  • Gas Research Institute chemical reaction Rate Coef. and Thermo Data
  • Library of Organic Chemical Reactions
  • NIST Chemical Kinetics Database
  • Reaction Yields via Univ. of Sheffield ChemPuter
  • Redox Reactions Calculator

Process Control

  • Advanced Process Control via Univ. of Newcastle
  • Control Basics and Terminology
  • Controlling Process Equipment via Driedger
  • Process Control via the EngineeringToolbox

Process Simulation Tools

  • AspenTech Software (Aspen Plus, Aspen Hysis, etc.)
  • Chemstations Software (CHEMCAD, etc.)
  •  ProSim (ProSimPlus, etc.)
  • SimSci-Esscor Software (Pro/II)

Physical Properties and Chemistry

  • API gravity Correction To 60°F
  • Biochemistry Resources I II III
  • Chemical Abstracts via ACS
  • Chemists' libraries
  • Gas Z-factor, Viscosity & Specific Gravity for a given Composition
  • Gas Z-factor & Viscosity for a given Specific gravity
  • History of Chemistry I II III
  • Inorganic Chemistry Resources
  • Liquid-phase Diffusion Coefficients
  • Links For Chemists
  • Molecular Weight Calculator
  • NIST Physical Properties Database
  • Online Steam Tables
  • Online Steam Table Calculator
  • Periodic Table
  • Periodic Table Helper
  • pH Calculator
  • Physical Properties
  • Physical Properties of Water
  • Pure Fluid Properties via Engineering Page
  • Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry

Environmental Controls

  • Scrubber Basics
  • Thermal Oxidizers – An Overview
  • Wastewater Engineering Virtual Library

News Groups, Blogs, Wesites

  • Chemical Engineering Online Resources
  • Chemical Engineering World
  • Processingtalk


  • Chemical & Engineering News
  • Chemical Engineering Magazine
  • Chemical Engineering Progress
  • Chemical Engineer's Resource Page
  • Chemical Processing Magazine
  • Chemical Week
  • Chemistry site (
  • Control Magazine
  • Hydrocarbon Online
  • Hydrocarbon Processing
  • International Directory of Chemical Engineering URLs
  • Plant Engineering

Academic Information

  • History of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology
  • Chemistry Teaching Resources
  • Worldwide Academic Chemical Engineering Sites

Government Angencies

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • US CDC ToxFAQs
  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • US EPA Environmental Data System
  • US EPA Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) database


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