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The availability of modern design software allows us to perform mechanical design and drafting services for any type of mass transfer equipment. We have experience in designing and drafting various types of packed column internals and trays, including chimney trays high capacity valve trays, baffle trays, and more. Our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities promote efficient lines of communication between our mechanical and production departments. This permits our mechanical engineers to prepare flawless fabrication and shop detail drawing resulting in fewer drawings revisions and world class product quality. We have tied with Punj Lloyds Engineering and SVL Engineering for Design and engineering Support.


We also provide installation services for packing, trays and internals. Our service is not limited to equipment designed and supplied by Swan. We provide quick and reliable solutions to emergencies that may arise during plant turnarounds and shutdowns.


You can rely on SWAN for guidance on any replacement problems that arise during shutdowns. We can take on the spot measurements at site, submit drawings and supply in a very short period of time to meet your absolute emergency. Our mass production manufacturing capabilities for components such as packing, valves, etc. will ensure that your typical emergency replenishment requirements can be met during planned and unplanned shutdowns.

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