About Swan Enterprises

Swan Enterprises is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that specializes in manufacturing and designing of column internals and emergency services during plant shutdowns without compromising on quality. 

The company has carried out import substitution activity for Refineries, Petrochemicals and Fertilizer industries. The Company has been approved by Engineers India Ltd (EIL) since 2016.

The company has also diversified into production of Automobile components and is now a regular supplier to Ashok Leyland Ltd., Hosur and Ennore. 



  Swan Enterprises was established in 1969 in Bombay, with the purpose of carrying out import substitution activity for Refineries, Petrochemicals and Fertilizers. In the span of 5 years a lot of items were developed like trays, hexmesh, orifice plates, thermowells etc. The company specialized in providing emergency services during plant turn arounds without compromising on quality since inception..

    In 1991, Swan Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. was formed in Chennai (formerly Madras)  and a works set up to establish a footprint in the south 

The Hexmesh supplied by the company is a quality product and orders are taken against foreign bidders as competitors. FCCU Parts like Extruded nozzle for Air Grid FCCU and Y coke strainer were developed. The company continues to have a strong development streak especially in the area of import substitution, as a first PDRC valve slides with stelliting were made for the first time for HPCL Mumbai .