Liquid distributor



The liquid distribution is critical to the performance of the packed bed. We offer a variety of liquid distributor for different applications. Specific distributors are available for:

• High load column distributors requiring optimized liquid and vapor separation and low pressure drop

• Distributors of suspensions, lotions, dirt or contaminated liquids

Vapor distribution



The distribution of vapor is not as good as the distribution of liquids, but it is still challenging for the design of a good vapor distributor. Our experienced engineers rely on years of expertise in internal design tools and are supported by cutting-edge technologies such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Collection equipment



A liquid collector with integrated packing support helps to save column height. The optimized design of the collection trough reduces the indenter in the collection section. A chimney tray is provided to accumulate liquid and redistribute it, or to improve the distribution of vapor under the packed bed.

Liquid inlet system - feed tube


 Depending on the flow rate, it is recommended to use a suitable inlet system. We offer solutions for feed separation trays and liquid distributor.

Support and holding equipment


 The support system is available in a variety of different packaging types. They can be easily installed with minimal beam and welded attachment. The holding device can be partially integrated (if necessary) into the liquid distributor to save height and installation time.